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ANIK DUB was born in Bihać on 12th June 1993, where he spent his childhood and graduated from Elementary and High School.

His affinity towards art was recognized by his Elementary art teacher, so with her guidance, he records his first success. Later on, he started High School (2008), where he continued developing his skills.

By the end of 2012, under the name "Anik Dub", he started his career by doing graffiti and tags, and subsequently, this pseudonym becomes the crucial factor for creating his brand. Street Art- especially "3D Art" connects him with the public, that is followed by great media interest, consequently allowing his art to come out of the anonymity. Various festivals, camps, and exhibitions have contributed to shaping his personality and his "Artistic signature",

Besides Classical Media in High School, he started exploring "other" materials and in that way, he presented his whole artwork. By the term "Others" or more modern media, he has been developing his work by using techniques like airbrush, tattoo art, murals, design, marketing, performance, portraits and later on caricatures.

He is inspired by his hometown and fellow citizens that are his greatest support, shown by the fact that over 1000 people from his hometown have Anik's T-shirt, sticker or caricature.

In 2014 he has enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, department of printmaking, in professor Salim Obralić's class, later on, Avdo Žigo's class and successfully ends..